Other Therapy Services

FaceTime and Skype sessions
In recent years I have worked with a number of clients over Skype or FaceTime. This generally happens after we have worked together for a significant period before the client moves out of the area. I prefer situations where the client returns to New York at least several times per year so that in-person sessions can be held periodically.
An individual FaceTime or Skype session is also possible to schedule during people’s vacations or business trips, or in case of illness.

In-Home Appointments
I have worked with a few clients in their homes who are unable to travel to my office on account of disability or long-term illness.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Some cases of severely impairing OCD can be best approached through specific types of cognitive behavioral therapy, and for these I refer clients to specialists in that area.
However, I have had success working more psychodynamically with a number of people challenged by fairly severe obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Sexual Functioning Problems
Some issues of sexual functioning are best handled by specialists in that field, and sometimes medical attention is helpful or necessary. However, a great many sexual problems are manifestations of issues with relationship, intimacy, anxiety, depression, and other aspects of emotional life. Therefore, dealing with the sexual parts of a person’s life is a very common theme in psychodynamic therapy.

Traumatic experience is of a great many kinds, from the acute to the chronic, physical, emotional, sexual, through neglect, political violence, war, natural disasters, and every permutation of these and other causes.

Some trauma is best handled through specific therapies such as group therapy, EMDR, medical interventions, and other methods. Part of my job is to evaluate whether the type of therapy I practice will best serve a client. I draw on networks of professionals where referral or consultation is indicated.